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The website www.buyaway.net was funded by the D&N Musical Way Ltd. Company.
The company D&N Musical Way Ltd is in the Cypriot market since 1995 and its main shop is located in Limassol on 63B' Georgios Grivas Dhigenis Avenue. It deals with home entertainment such as Music CD's, Electronic Games (PS3, PS2, PSP, PSV, XBOX360, WII, NDS, 3DS, PC) DVD's to buy or rent, Figures of famous movie characters and Electronic Accessories. 
Due to the new needs and the expansion of buying through the internet, we created this webpage in order to serve those who are interested in our products. Our aim is to 
become well-known to the public and offer the best prices.
Another aim of the buyaway.net is to be unified with smaller Cypriot Companies on the same webpage. In this way, those companies would be able to promote and sell their products such as books, bikes and animal food. 
With consistency and responsibility, we wish you the best navigation on our website "buyaway.net".

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