Call of Duty WWII (PC) Pre-order and get a Weapon Unlock Token

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Call of Duty WWII (PC)  Pre-order and get a Weapon Unlock Token 



Call of Duty WWII (PC)

“Pre-order and get the Multiplayer Upgrade, includes a Weapon Unlock Token and Multiplayer 2XP”*

General Copy:
All pre-order customers will receive a Weapon Unlock Token to permanently unlock one weapon of their choice. You’ll also receive 4 hours of Multiplayer 2XP to help you reach Prestige.*

Do I get the Multiplayer Upgrade if I’ve already pre-ordered?

Yes, all pre-order customers at participating retailers will get the Multiplayer Upgrade no matter when they pre-order. 

How much 2XP do I get?

You get 4 hours of Multiplayer XP. Time will be counted as in-game Multiplayer game time. 

How do I get the MP Upgrade?

Pre-order any digital or physical edition of Call of Duty®: World War II at participating retailers. Check your desired retailer for availability. 

When will I get the MP Upgrade?

You will receive the Weapon Unlock Token and 2XP when you first launch Call of Duty®: World War II. Check back for more details closer to Launch.

Which platforms will receive the Multiplayer Upgrade?

The MP Upgrade is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Legal Disclaimers:
* At Participating Retailers. Weapon unlock and 2XP usable in multiplayer only.  2XP limited to 4 hours of gameplay.   

Activision Blizzard
Available November 03, 2017
Price: €54.95inc vat

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