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Please read and accept our terms and conditions
Registration terms and conditions
Using www.buyaway.net for the information of our products is free and there's no need of registration.
In case you want to buy our products you must register on our website.
You must complete a registration form with full and true details. (Name, Address, E-mail, Telephone numbers and Password.) 
You are the responsible for the correct details you provide and also for the access and authorisation of another person using your own password. 
In case of an unauthorized access by  another person, please call or e-mail us immediately. It is not our responsibility in case of any theft or unauthorised access to your account.
For security reasons, we do not know your password and in case your forget or want to change it please use the process of change.
You have access to all your personal details and accounts and you can change them any time. 
Purchases, Prices and Available Products
All the prices include VAT according to the percentage of each product.
As for the availability of the products, the website products must agree with the stock. In case of a product being in process of pricing or delivery and it is not available, you will be informed immediately by an email or phone call. In such a case you won't be charged for the purchase otherwise you will get a refund by returning the whole amount back to your credit card. 

Payment methods.
We use Paypal or JCC Payments systems for online purchases. 
Cash on delivery. This payment method is only for Cypriot customers.

You can pay in cash on the delivery day. ?

Orders placed within Cyrpus will be delivered in 1-3 working days. (except Sunday)

Cardholders have to be informed that a purchase with the name << buyaway.net>> will appear in their bank statement.

Cookies can be used only if they do not contain any spyware/malware e.t.c and also when the purpose of their  use is mentioned in the privacy policy.

Our website uses cookies so you can place items in shopping baskets, place your order online and allow us to collect anonymous statistical data to help us improve the performance of the website.


You can return the products within ten days from the receiving day. The product must be returned closed and unusable with the receipt. We do not refund but we exchange the returned items with other products.
Guarantee products that are defective must be returned with the purchase receipt. It will be sent back  to the company for exchange. The electronic items have a 12month guarantee.  


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